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Our Story

As Jewish professionals with networks around the world, we decided that our duty was becoming the bridge between October 7th survivors and communities around the world. We could combat the lacking media coverage, misinformation and justification for the attack, empower Jews and allies facing antisemitism, and support survivors. We brought our first survivor to the US on October 20th. 

Since, we've brought 15 survivors to over 200 communities across the world, including 80 college campuses. We have grown in demand faster than we can keep up, both from communities eager to host and survivors eager to share. And now we are officially incorporated as a non-profit and are empowered to begin building more initiatives. We will create spaces for tens of thousands more to personally and profoundly connect to the realities in Israel and empower strong young voices in the face of antisemitism. We're excited to announce some new initiatives soon!

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to foster personal connections between communities around the world and the survivors of the October 7th attacks. We believe there's no substitute for interacting face to face with someone sharing their personal experience.


Meet the Team


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