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Interested in Bringing a Survivor?

  1.  Read the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

  2. Spread the word to other nearby communities, make the most of the survivor's trip to your region.

  3. We will reach out to discuss and plan all logistics.

  4. Host the event & witness a profoundly meaningful bridge built between your community and an inspiring survivor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the survivor coming?

We have many survivors, all of whom are incredibly powerful speakers eager to share their testimonies. They are all young adults with moving survival stories facing Hamas first-hand (while on their Kibbutzim or escaping the Nova festival), have high-level storytelling abilities in English, and are inspiring examples of resilience in the face of antisemitism. They come prepared with engaging presentations that detail their experiences and the events physically surrounding them. They are also accompanied by a professional liaison to ensure each event and their trip as a whole runs smoothly. You can see some clips of past survivors here, read some testimonials from past events here, and see past events covered in the press here.

What will the event look like?

Generally, our survivors share their testimony for about 40 minutes while clicking through a slideshow of visuals (photos they took that day, maps of their route, videos from surveillance cameras, etc). Then, they’ll open for Q&A from the audience, inviting your community to ask them anything about themselves and their experiences. They carefully avoid political rhetoric and keep the conversation on topic. Afterwards, they’ll stay to chat with whoever wants to connect with them 1-on-1. They’re also flexible if you have a different structure or additional activities in mind for your community. 

How do the finances work?

We ask hosting organizations to contribute a payment towards their overall travel expenses. However we are pre-approved by many foundations with grant opportunities for campus-based events (JNF, Standwithus, ICC, SSI, etc). Contact us for more information about financial details and available grants.


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