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Welcome to the Faces of October Seventh.

We are a small team of young Jewish professionals who, in these dark times, have refused to be helpless. The first thing we decided we needed to urgently do after October 7th was to connect communities around the world, face-to-face, with survivors of the massacre.

We needed to combat the lacking media coverage as well as the spreading misinformation and justification for the attack. Also, Jews and allies around the world needed empowerment and resilience in the face of increasing antisemitism. And the survivors themselves needed to share their heavy burden and feel the world's support. So we dove into action.

So far, we've brought 15 survivors to share their testimonies in over 200 communities across the world, including 85 college campuses.

As the world seems to forget October 7th and antisemitism grows, we build direct bridges from Israel to the world. We create profound personal experiences that inspire communities to join together in strength. 

Through our events, tens of thousands have met an October 7th survivor, absorbed their story and felt their strength in person. But this is not nearly enough. Please help us by bringing a survivor to your community, donating, spreading the word to other communities, or staying tuned for our developing new initiatives. Together, will create more opportunities for people to face the reality on the ground in Israel, inspiring understanding, strength, and hope for a better world.


Dar , Shoshana, and the team


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