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Kemp signs antisemitism bill, saying ‘there is no place for hate’ in Georgia
Jenny Sividya


October 7 Survivor Calls on International Community to Take Action
Jenny Sividya

Survivor of Hamas October 7 attacks shares harrowing story with students in NC
Rom El Hai

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-20 at 13.45.53_b30f490d.jpg

Survivor of October 7 Hamas attack shares story at Lewis and Clark High School
Gal Cohen- Solal

Survivor of Oct. 7 Hamas attack speaks at Rider
Eden Gafner

As Israel’s campaign in Gaza faces international scrutiny, NY native recalls horror of Oct. 7
Matan Boltax 

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-15 at 11.14.48_2f386b13.jpg

Israeli survivor of Oct. 7 Hamas attack shares his account at event on campus
Yoni Viloga 

At KU, Israeli father and businessman recalls his family’s 30-hour ordeal during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack
Gal Cohen- Solal


Survivor shares story of October 7 Hamas attack
Nikita Soumrov 


Shalev Biton shares story about surviving Oct. 7 attack in Israel
Shalev Biton


Nova Festival survivor's strory Live in CNN
Jenny Sividya 

Survivor of Oct. 7 attack on music festival in Israel shares story in Chicago
Shalev Biton 


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