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Examples from 200+ total articles, newscasts, podcasts, and radio shows

Written Articles

TV Newscast

Kemp signs antisemitism bill, saying ‘there is no place for hate’ in Georgia
Jenny Sividya

As Israel’s campaign in Gaza faces international scrutiny, NY native recalls horror of Oct. 7
Matan Boltax 

Survivor of Oct. 7 Hamas attack speaks at Rider
Eden Gafner

October 7 Survivor Calls on International Community to Take Action
Jenny Sividya

Survivor of October 7 Hamas attack shares story at Lewis and Clark High School
Gal Cohen- Solal

Nova Festival survivor's strory Live in CNN
Jenny Sividya 

Survivor of Hamas October 7 attacks shares harrowing story with students in NC
Rom El Hai

Survivor of Oct. 7 attack on music festival in Israel shares story in Chicago
Shalev Biton 

At KU, Israeli father and businessman recalls his family’s 30-hour ordeal during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack
Gal Cohen- Solal

Shalev Biton shares story about surviving Oct. 7 attack,
New Trier High School

Shalev Biton

Israeli survivor of Oct. 7 Hamas attack shares his account at event on campus
Yoni Viloga 

Survivor shares story of October 7 Hamas attack
Nikita Soumrov 

Survivors of Oct. 7 terrorist attack speak at ‘Israel Day at the Capitol’ in Tallahassee
Rom El Hai

Wake Forest Chabad and Hillel host Faces of October 7 event
Lee Sasi


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